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Why Precog?

 It’s simple, really.

Same rigor for lower cost

With Precog, you get the same level of rigor and dedication as larger consultancies, but you’re not paying for expensive offices, company cars, training programs or offsites. You’re paying for our brainpower.

Ridiculous client list

Our two founders have worked with so many firms. More than 110 major brands. Our client list is ridiculous. So ridiculous. I mean, really. Have you seen?


Serious about your business

We take your business, and your success, as seriously as our own. Look for a strong work ethic, a deep sense of care about your business, and a lot of discussion around mutual success metrics.


We’re informal, down-to-earth, and fun to work with. You’ll get honesty, smart thinking, and generally a few laughs in our meetings.


Experience both broad and deep

While we have the ability to bring great thinking horizontally across sectors, we have deep industry knowledge in automotive, CPG, financial, food & bev, health/fitness/pharma, public sector, social good, technology, and travel/tourism.

Repeat customers

Our clients’ success is important to us, and it shows. Several clients have re-engaged us upon arriving at a new firm. We consider that an incredible compliment.

Demonstrated foresight

Our partners have been at the forefront of THREE cultural, tech-driven revolutions: the commercial Internet, the social web, and the crowd economy. We are skilled at determining which trends are real opportunities, and which ones are a waste of time.


We are objective, agnostic and apolitical. We’re not out to sway you one way or another. Truth, in the form of real data, drives our recommendations and decisions. Because you can’t make good decisions with bad data.

Our values


We believe the best solutions come from working with others, not in a vacuum. That includes when departments or workforces are in conflict over challenging decisions. Our counsel will always be objective, apolitical and aimed at organizational success.


With over twenty-four years each of hands-on digital practice, our two founders bring their key learnings and best practices of innovation and transformation to your projects.


Sometimes the truth is ugly. Really ugly. But we are firm believers that no good decisions come from bad data. You have our word that while we will be tactful, we will always be honest with you.


While we love digital, we are also passionate about your business. Each new challenge fires our imaginations. Finding solutions toward those challenges consumes our thinking. We bring eager minds to your projects, examining your digital issues with fresh perspectives.


Yes – we’re tech nerds. We geek out over the latest trends, the coolest new automations, and the most futuristic new applications. We investigate all of it, so that you don’t have to. And we have finely-tuned BS detectors, to identify trends that have staying power, vs. passing fads.


We’ve been in your shoes. Number to hit, goals to achieve, KPI conversations with the boss. We’ve had large budgets and small; talented teams and employee cutbacks; management support and management abandonment. We are always empathetic to client realities and do our best to help you overcome any and all challenges.


We hate the word “can’t.” We pay it no mind. We start each engagement with green-light thinking and examine all possibilities before beginning the idea editing process. Negative thinking doesn’t get anyone anywhere.


We’re salt-of-the-earth kind of folks. We dislike pretence. Egos have no place at our firm.