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Precog Digital

As a general rule, you really only need 3 good reasons (if they are the right ones) to launch anything.  Be it in your personal, professional or leisure spheres of your life, the rule of three is usually enough. Well, we’re so excited about the birth of Precog Digital, we’ve actually violated that rule to come up with 7 reasons that compelled us to act  – and they all support the same conclusion – we need to exist.

We are now at the front end of the crest in launching Precog Digital. Audience expectations, organizational ethos, talent shifts, technology adoption and the pace of survival and success have all lined up to support our next pivot in the business world. People don’t want specialized fragments of isolated digital solutions anymore, they need things to be simplified, seamless, cross-channel and pan-organziation. It gives us shivers how what have been successful at is now lining up with what the marketplace demands.

Here’s what makes us be bold enough to think we can deliver as transformation partners to our future clients:

#1 Clients Need to “Accelerate their Digital Maturity”

This will become Precog’s driving promise. We have tested this positioning among our trusted Alpha advisors and it was the runaway winner. The mission? How do we speed up things that might ordinarily fall through the cracks or become less urgent  in a client organization? No matter where you sit on the digital maturity curve, we can deliver substantive progress for you. The market demands it. They say the average incumbent, if they are going to be digitally disrupted, will be disrupted substantively in 3.4 years. That doesn’t leave much time, we need to be embedded with you yesterday to help you survive and thrive. Let’s go!

#2 We Can Be Switzerland

Although things may appear placid and peaceful on the surface, you don’t know how many businesses we walk into that have turf wars and functional silos preventing digital success. These divisions simply doesn’t work in transformation efforts. As practitioners that don’t take sides, and can come in and evaluate your business objectively and holistically, we think we can offer you a better approach. Our value stream is evident as an objective, peace-making group, tearing through the B.S. and focusing on nothing else but moving your transformation vision ahead.

#3 The Bi-Focal Nature of Transformation Delivered

Although we are happy to provide you the details on the 5 core services we offer, the 30 types of project engagements we could possibly end up doing for your business or the 80- types of digital/business verticals we play in, the needs of most clients come down to two very basic groups of needs:

  • The Short Term Itch – things are falling through the cracks and need to be addressed immediately. There is a collective sense that you have the equivalent of a “leaky faucet”, “a draft window” or “peeling paint” and you will be perceived by customers, employees and stakeholders as falling behind the market and competition if you don’t fix it quickly,
  • The Long Term Scratch – we can count over 20+ technologies and marketplace shifts that are already ungluing the value chains and business models of the fastest-moving industries. What happens when change arrives on your doorstep? You need to disrupt yourself before somebody does it for you. So who is working on integrating these emerging trends that will impact your business 24 months and beyond? In most cases, nobody.

#4 We have Client Empathy

Eric and myself have set an absolute mandate that we will only hire and work with people that have enough:  client-based experience, commitment to get a job done right and passion for good work that lines up with our client needs. Too often we have seen the politics, conflicted objectives and downright cattiness of the agency model get in the way of the best work. We will be the company that people turn to because they can have confidence in the fact “we have been there before” and “they have our back”. It starts from the top – our goals are the client’s goals, and vice-versa. If we can’t guarantee that, we will simply turn away from the business.

#5 We are the Uber of Digital Transformation

At Precog Digital, we have built up a bank of independent advisors, thought leaders and service providers that are really good at what they do. No company can be great at everything, and we are no different. We have surrounded ourselves with some of the best specialists across 80+ different specialties. If we don’t have the answers or bandwidth, we are only one text away from someone who does. Similar to on-demand economy business models like Uber, the power of a talented open network like Precog Digital will always trump a closed owned group.

#6 Providing An Exponential vs. Incremental Mindset

We are not in the game of “digitizing” your business – most hard core IT nerds can achieve that. Instead, we are in the business of “digitally transforming” your business. That means looking at envisioning businesses that can grow 10X your topline, not just 10%. Think we’re crazy? Look at enough digital breakouts and you too will realize that “impossible is nothing” when the right elements come into play. We have been lucky to be part of these seismic shifts in the past and we like to think that increases your chances of success too now in the future.

#7 The Pentagon of Perspective

Trust us when we say that the talent pool for digital transformation is limited. This is not easy stuff to do and many specialists only see some of the trees, not the entire forest. With our wide backgrounds and previous experience with 140+ world class clients, we are able to bring together the five essential elements we believe are critical for true business transformation: smart business savviness and orientation, wide digital & technology knowledge and integration, deep customer concern and orientation, nuanced talent and change management and futureproofing, high-reward innovation. We can pull these elements together credibly, simply and affordably. Who else can do that?

And this is why we’re launching Precog this month, we hope to connect soon.