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The Futureproofers


A global advisory of digital subject matter experts and champions.


Current Champions Required:

  • Digital Transformationists
  • IoT Experts
  • Visual Storytellers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Customer Experience Experts
Benefits to Joining Our Panel:


  • Get exposed to leading edge insights about the future and the end result collaborations form our group first
  • Network with the leading thinkers, scouts, champions and movers across a variety of innovative sectors and industries
  • Collaborate with us on projects, events and research papers
  • Be profiled and interviewed as subject matter experts by ourselves and our partners
  • Share in our proprietary presentation assets, survey results and creative work
  • Deliver your own global thought leadership to our network of global business influencers
Four Different Futureproofer Types
  • Collaborators – people we will work with on future projects
  • Partners – companies we will work with and collaborate on future projects
  • Advisors – people who will provide insight and input to our futureproofing work on a periodic basis
  • Experts – people who will be invited to contribute on very specific projects specific to their domain expertise


Trend reports, research, events and interviews – mapping out the ideas, things and people everybody will be talking about …tomorrow.

Current Research in-Field:

Latest Report:



Newsletter time capsules of insight from your present digital trends, shifting marketplace habits and future technology possibilities

Latest Futureproofs:

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