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In early July, co-founder Eric Weaver chaired eBev Europe, the global summit for the Beverage Marketing Association. Weaver opened the two-day conference, which focused on digital disruption and featured beverage leaders from across the US and Europe.

In this keynote, Weaver talks about digital disruption, how it’s not as easy-breezy as pundits typically portray it, and how many transformation efforts are often mired by people, process and tools. Weaver provides 10 lists of considerations across five key “superpowers” needed to successfully transform your business. These superpowers include Precognition, Agility, Adaptability, Transformation and Leadership.

While transformation is never easy, it IS required as digital technologies provide lower competitive barriers and seismic impacts to existing business models. Rather than kicking off a transformation effort doomed to failure, consider how to develop these five skills in order to head off threats and effectively create positive change for your organization.