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I. Digital Transformation – There’s More than One Path to Digital Transformation  (Digitalist by SAP)

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  • Memorable Quote: “While 40% of respondents consider digital transformation as an opportunity to reimagine the entire business operations, from the plant floor to customer service, the remaining 60% appear to be split on how best to define it.”
  • The Precog Take: Most digital transformation models are very siloed and biased to the functional area of leadership, true digital transformation has many objectives and is organization-wide..

II. Trends and Marketplace Shifts – Disrupting Higher Education (Huffington Post)

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  • Memorable Quote: “We realized that the problem space is meeting the demands of the student population that is learning – a lifelong population of learners. How do we move to a new era of a learning economy for lifelong learners?”
  • The Precog Take: The industry of education is up for a huge, uncomfortable change – the institution needs to massively improve the student experience, retention of learning, graduation rates and suitability for workplace.

III. New Business Models – What is Disruptive Innovation (HBR)

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  • Memorable Quote: “Disruptive innovations originate in low-end or new-market footholds.”
  • The Precog Take: Some semantic nobility but Clayton Christensen, but good to understand that most disruptors don’t take on incumbents head on but on the ignored fringes – which makes Uber different.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.58.36 AM

IV. Emerging Technology – The Internet of Things Market Landscape 2016 (IoT Newsletter)

V. Innovation – Fast Companies’ Top 100 Innovative Companies (Fast Company)

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  • Memorable Quote: “BuzzFeed has also transferred its specific brand of virality to deep political coverage, personal and critical essays, and breaking and in-depth global news.”
  • The Precog Take: Buzzfeed, Facebook and CVS Health take top rank – always great learning from this annual list and a sobering thought that Buzzfeed may be the quick and lazy format of future news.

VI. Strategy/Direction – The Acceleration Factor (Strategy + Business)

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  • Memorable Quote: “Only 13 percent of the teams demonstrated superior ability to accelerate. Of the 16 factors we studied, we found the widest differences between the highest and lowest performers in five areas.”
  • The Precog Take: Faster performing organizations simply have a different risk appetite, different openness  to innovate and considerably more customer-centric approach.

VII. Leadership/Governance – Ten Things Digital Transformations Leaders Do (Microsoft)

VIII. Digital & Technology News – Walmart is Buying (Recode)

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  • Memorable Quote: “The Jet acquisition is an acknowledgement by Walmart CEO Doug McMillon that his company needs outside help if it’s ever going to close the giant gap with Amazon.”
  • The Precog Take: Ecosystems across every digital sector are building, is this Walmart’s attempt to compete with Amazon and eBay gobbling up the smaller players with its clicks-and-mortar leverage.

IX. Digital Automation – Adidas is Bringing the Future of Manufacturing to the USA (GQ)

Adidas Speedfactory

X. Talent & Digital Literacy – This is What Passionate People Do Differently (World Economic Forum)

XI. Culture & Performance Management – Lost in the Woods? (Sungard)

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  • Memorable Quote: “69% of organizations are seeking external help for their digital transformation.”
  • The Precog Take: Digital can be exciting and an opportunity for skills development or employees, but also depends on letting the outside in.

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XII. Marketing, Content & Communications – Snapchat and The Power of Visual Storytelling (Balancesmith)

XIII. Customer Experience and Touchpoints – 50 Tools to Build the Perfect Customer Experience (Appcues)

XIV. Fun – Outcome of Political Arguments on Facebook

Political arguments on Facebook

XV. Careers: Lose your Job – It May Pay To Announce It (PBS)   

XVI. Feature Video – Tastemade and How You Can Quit Your Job and make Snapchat Videos (Washington Post)

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XVII. Feature Presentation: The Future of Work (PSFK)

XVIII. Feature Infographic: The State of Digital Marketing in 2016

The State of Digital Marketing 2016