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It’s tough running an agency nowadays. We can empathize, we’ve been in your shoes.

In any given month, you are constantly trying to bat away and defend against a number of pesky “D” forces:

  • “Digitalization” – the crushing march and pace toward automating and putting everything online,
  • “Data Decisioning” –  the increasing use of historical data and analytics vs. bold vision and creativity to make investment decisions,
  • “Disruption” – the crumbling of marketing/agency business models that have existed for a century,
  • “Disintermediation” – the “squeezing out” of more and more parts of the creative food chain,
  • ‘Demarginalization” – the pressure to shave, cut and “get rid of the fat” in all parts of media and advertising,
  • “Distributed Innovation” – the opening up of solutions and enlightened ideas to the great unwashed public,
  • and “Deloitte-ization”  – the rising interest and inroads of management consultancies in parts of the traditional agency service landscape.

At Precog Digital,  we won’t put all these forces back in the genie, but we think we can help some. In fact, before we were even a business, our “bread and butter” was working with agencies to fill their digital, client management and business transformation gaps.

We’d like to collaborate and partner with you for the following seven reasons:

#1 Digital/Client Counsel

We have worked across a full range of industries as clients, consultants, digital and communications people. We know how they think. We know their current needs. We can be invaluable to you in sitting at the “adult strategy decision table” vs. the kid’s “just go and execute this” table. Clients are firefighting. Agencies are hamstrung. Both parties need someone to simplify and focus on what’s important; that’s where we can come in.

#2 Branded Solutions

Based on our internal team and our network of globally vetted partners, we can discover and come up with solutions to your client’s biggest problems, challenges and next big things. We live and breathe on the edge of the digital precipice each day and can accelerate how these technologies, practices and solutions get activated in your worlds.

Precog Value Chain

#3 Thought Leadership 

Our principals and advisors have all had long successful and credible careers across three important divides – the customer landscape, the business landscape and the digital/technology landscape. We have serviced over 140 world class clients, wrote books, gave opening keynotes, conducted leading edge research on our subject matter. It may not always be fair when you feel like you are being tuned out, but when we say it, people do listen.

#4 Extra White-label Capacity

We don’t need the credit or the awards, we just want to do good work. An agency is always one permanent headcount away from “losing the business” and “losing their profit”. Invite us in for your new client win, your recent staffing loss or special project without owner. We are passionate, hungry and the nice people to work with. Check out our pedigree and values and see if we’re a fit. 

 #5 Internal Digitalization Rallying Cry

We have created movements inside some of the biggest agencies, creative shops and media partners, to stay on top of the marketplace trends and emerging technologies. We might not be any smarter than some of your best talent, but we do work and focus in these fast moving spaces everyday – sometimes it’s just tough to stay up-to-speed on a day-to-day basis. We can help tell you what’s next, what’s working, what’s important, and what’s ignorable too.

#6 Temporary Digital Leadership 

Some clients have considered us interim Chief Digital Officers or the Uber of digital consultants. We can help lead parts of your agency leadership on an on-demand basis. Why hire permanent headcount or build new infrastructure, when all you need is a shirt term injection of leadership. Don’t be afraid to ask.

#7  Involvement on Pitches

We all know client wins are the big lifeblood in the agency world. One major win can catapult agencies into a much different tier. We have won big pitches effectively before and we can help you now, either as visible partners or as people in the background helping things take shape. Why not harness our leading digital expertise?