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Advancing your digital maturity

We offer the tools and services you need to achieve success.

The Unconsultancy

You know the drill. You hire a management consulting firm to analyze your business. A couple of suits arrive, ask a lot of questions, and a few weeks later, they drop a big spiral-bound PowerPoint on your desk. It looks nice — professional and businessy, talking about disruption this and transformation that — but will it really solve the issues that cause insomnia for your executive team? The consultants leave, and the brilliant bit of insight you paid for is often difficult to operationalize, because these firms often lack real hands-on implementation experience — or capability.

Precog won’t leave you hanging. We also start by a deep dive into the real issues surrounding your business, and then we see our audits and strategies through to the end. We deliver project plans for all of our recommendations, with digital specialists who work with your own teams to implement. Talking about a business problem isn’t enough. We help you deliver.

Ad-Hoc Digital Projects

Unblock your Digital Now and remove those nagging digital issues that have gone unresolved.

Competitive Advantage

Identify competitive sweet spots and take back lost ground from traditional competitors and new market entrants.

Customer Experience

If your customer promise is unfulfilled and your shoppers aren’t feeling the love, we can help.

Talent & Transformation

Your team, your culture and your processes are the core ingredients for success. But sometimes it takes fresh eyes to help transform.


Many companies didn’t see the oncoming trucks of E-Commerce, Crowd Economies, or streaming video. Turn disruptive forces into opportunities.