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Ad-Hoc Digital Projects

Scratch that digital itch.

Sometimes all you need is a quick assist.

Our long-term relationships often start when where asked to lend a quick hand to overcome a nagging digital problem. They’re often simple questions: “How do I digitise my loyalty programme?” “Should we be reaching out to customers on Snapchat?” “How do I justify the extra social specialists I need?” Whether you have a quick ad-hoc project, need to scratch a digital itch or gain clarity, we can help.

Typical questions answered

  • How do I know if my digital agency is truly delivering?
  • So many possibilities in digital technology! Where should I spend my budget?
  • How can we fix the conversion problem on our e-commerce site?
  • What’s the best approach for 2017?
  • How do we demonstrate we’re achieving our KPIs?

Our services

  • Vendor sourcing, management, and RFP oversight/execution
  • Implementation processes
  • Clarification services
  • Digital operations: improvement, assets & risks
  • Special projects leadership
  • Software license audits & selection
  • Annual enterprise-wide Digital Strategy
  • KPIs, measurement & benchmarking strategies

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