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Competitive Advantage

Take back lost ground.

Tilt the playing field back in your favor.

Digital technologies have lowered barriers to entry and levelled the playing field. And losing ground means not hitting KPIs and revenue targets. Precog can help your organisation objectively assess its true competitive standing and then create strategic approaches to outperform the competitive set. And, we can help you create the right story — and clarity around that story — to motivate teammates to put their shoulders to the wheel.

Typical questions answered

  • What’s the real truth around our position within the industry?
  • Competitor A is killing us – how do we wrestle back the lead?
  • How ready and aligned is our organisation?
  • How are competitors leveraging the voice of the customer?
  • What can I automate to save money or improve margins?
  • How can we better humanise our offerings?
  • How competitive are the rates we are getting from advertising?

Our services

  • Marketplace assessments
  • Competitive assessments and audits
  • Inward-facing Digital Maturity strategies
  • Outward-facing Digital Competitive strategies
  • Creating a competitive vision & story
  • Automation strategies
  • Humanisation strategies
  • Paid, owned & earned media strategies

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