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Customer Experience

Strengthen the bonds.

You used to call, you used to write, you used to try to surprise and delight.

Sometimes, just sometimes, customers fall out of love with you. Budgets get cut, hold times increase, customer service salaries and attitudes stagnate — and your customers just aren’t feeling the love. In the meantime, sweet-talking competitors have eaten into your market share. What’s a customer-centric organisation to do?

Precog has counselled clients across nearly all our verticals on winning back the love. We’re skilled in customer engagement. Loyalty. Advocacy. Digital user experience. Mapping the customer journey and identifying points of contention. We can help you gather real, actionable data from social listening and search. Show you how to become more agile in your engagement and content. Help you identify improvements to your customer data architecture.

Typical questions answered

  • What’s the best way to engage with my customers, via marketing or guest relations?
  • Will “socialising” my customer care operation really reduce overall costs?
  • What kinds of software platforms will help me automate the relationship without turning customers off?
  • How do I leverage social, search and point-of-sale data to anticipate customer needs?
  • How do I speed up and scale my content efforts?

Our services

  • Customer engagement strategies (local, mobile & social)
  • Customer experience strategies & journey mapping
  • Customer experience tools & optimisation
  • Omni-channel messaging strategies
  • Customer intelligence tools & insights (“voice of the customer”)
  • Agile content and agile marketing planning & resourcing
  • Customer data architecture

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