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Anticipate and avoid risks.

See market disruption before it happens.

Circuit City. Borders. Blockbuster. Radio Shack. The taxi industry. Huge incumbent organisations who got hit by the Digital Disruption Bus, not anticipating the tsunamis of streaming video, e-commerce, or the crowd. These aren’t the only casualties. Fashion is wrestling with Net-A-Porter. The hotel industry struggles against AirBnB. And disruptor AirBnB is being disrupted by OneFineStay.

Our principals have automated factory floors. Set up the very first corporate websites, ad servers and content management systems. Built the first social pages. Podcasts. Branded games. We have been at the forefront of digital disruption since the very beginning, helping brands turn growing threats into competitive opportunities.


Typical questions answered

  • On which new customer channels should we be active?
  • How can we leverage the crowd to help us reduce costs?
  • How do we enable and encourage in-house innovation?
  • How do we hack new business models within our organisation?
  • Which trends are real — and which ones aren’t?
  • How do I digitise some very analog aspects of our enterprise?
  • How do I guard against a threat I can’t yet see?

Our services

  • Emerging technology applications & partnerships
  • Open innovation, Crowd & On-Demand economies
  • New business model scenario planning
  • Customer foresight, behavioral shifts and studies
  • Analog-to-Digital conversions
  • Enterprise-wide futureproofing strategies

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