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Precog's Global Digital Thought Leadership ... Live and In-Person

Bespoke Keynotes, Workshops, Training and Summits – Leading Education, Inspiration and Application for Your Transformation.

Digital Transformationists … Live

Precog Digital’s managing partners Sean Moffitt (@seanmoffitt) and Eric Weaver (@weave) are passionate, experienced digital thought leaders who have played many executive roles in transforming the new economy over the last 20 years. They have come together to launch a new type of business transformation company Precog Digital – Accelerating Your Digital Maturity.

Speaking on some of the world’s top stages at over 40+ keynotes annually, they are frequently rated the top performers by event organizers and audiences. Their presentations have been seen by over a million people over the last decade.

They have added a bank of transformation executive workshops, digital maturity audits and digital skills training to provide some of the best sources of inspiration, education and practical application to your organization’s biggest: current problems, shifting threats, pressing digital literacy needs and most interesting future opportunities & areas of value creation … live and in-person.

Five Reasons to Invite Us:

Customization Content/Format

Unlike the standard talking head, “canned” presentation, all of our content and formats are customizable by industry, organization, size & sophistication of audience and team situation. Most formats can be presented, workshopped or provide the first-step canvas to deeper client engagements.

Credible, Hands-on

In contrast to fast-talking insta-experts, we have actually put in the hard work crafting strategies and building working programs as employees, consultants and at agencies. Our experience-based insights and observations inform every presentation with actionable, real-world explanations.

Energetic & Empathetic

Good presentations and workshops need to enthrall, entertain and tell a story, in order for key learnings to stick. Our presentations and workshops standardly receive the top marks from associations and corporations based on great sticky content, personal likability and enthusiastic delivery.

Practical & Valuable

Every one of our presentations and workshops leave audiences with new, distinctive ways of thinking, summaries of the big headlines, and data points participants can take back to their day-to-day efforts.

Fresh & Up-to-Date

Tired of seeing the same recycled insights? We stay current in each and every one of his 20 interest areas (see below) by interacting with the key industry players, leveraging the best industry insights and tapping into proprietary research that will shape client and audience’s worlds now, and over the next three years.

What We Speak About:

4 core areas, 20 segments and 60+ different presentations.

Futureproofing & Disruption

– Emerging Technology

– Marketplace Shifts

– Customer/Cultural Trends

– New Business Models

– Startups, Entrepreneurship & Incubators

Leading Winning Business

– Digital Transformation

– Technology & New Media

 – Product & Service Innovation

 – Culture & Talent Change & Experience

– Leadership, Governance & Direction

Connecting with Customers

– Digital Marketing & eCommerce

– Brand Engagement & Storytelling

– Customer Experience & Insights 

 – Branded Content

– Social/Mobile/Local Business

Passion Topics

– The Crowd, On-Demand and Sharing Economy

– The Chief Digital Officer Role

– Social Innovation & Transforming Better Worlds

– Sports & Technology

– Personal & Employer Branding

Additional Value Adds & Formats

– Business Team Workshop – we can alter most of our presentations and agendas to create 2-hour, ½-day, 1-day, 2-day or 3-day workshops with actionable deliverables.

– Executive Workshop – we can provide a more intimate, interactive session with your board and/or executive team.

– Pre-Engagement Survey – we can poll and/or interview key company stakeholders to get their ingoing opinions on topics and therefore customize content to your situation

– Post-Engagement Wrapup – we can provide a summary of our engagement and key insights and action steps.

– Ongoing Consulting Engagements – we can use events as a springboard for much deeper focus, planning and execution in the 12+ strategic business transformation areas we focus on.

 – Innovation Days/Summits – we can help curate a full agenda of expertise with our global network of business, digital, technology, innovation and brand transformationists.

 – Ideastorms – we can help curate a leading list of ideas from people attending event or remote partners and help evaluate/judge leading ones vs. some agreed criteria.

– Interactive Canvas – many of our presentations have associated tools to help bring the learnings and insights back to the office.

Multimedia Content – we can help arrange livestreaming, production of video, photo, illustrative summaries and usable content from our engagements.

– Presentation Sharing – depending on presentation and type of engagement, we can share either share the full or précis-version of presentation with accreditation for your ongoing use.

– Digital Maturity Audits and Digital Transformation Readiness Assessments – we can present back the findings from our early digital maturity diagnostic work.

– Futureproofing Audits & Alternate Scenario Planning – providing customized evaluations, presentations and frameworks on the different between your organization’s current and future states and expected implications & impacts.