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Talent & Transformation

Successful transformation starts with your people.

The right talent, culture and process are absolute requirements for successful transformation.

How do you identify a “Change Agent”? They’re the ones with a target on their back. Pundits talk about Digital Disruption like it’s this easy-peasy effort. But we know from experience that teams find an equilibrium that works for them, and knocking them out of balance without their participation is a recipe for disaster. And that transforming an organisation is one of the most difficult — yet rewarding — efforts an organisation can undertake.

When your organisation lacks internal digital savvy, or clarity around roles or process, Precog can help you assess your teams, culture and tools, and provide a roadmap for transformation – one that leverages our “five superpowers”: Precognition, Agility, Adaptability, Transformation, and Leadership. We can help you identify the right skills sets, place the right internal talent, and streamline your organisational structure, processes or tools.


Typical questions answered

  • How do we create executive alignment across functional teams?
  • How do we inspire both management and employees to become more digital?
  • Where can I find competent digital leadership for my team? How do I evaluate them?
  • Do I need a Chief Digital Officer?
  • What’s the best way to reimagine organisational structure for digital success?
  • How can we improve existing processes?
  • How do we manage change?
  • What are the governance, security and privacy issues we need to consider?

Our services

  • Executive workshops, keynotes & inspiration
  • Digital skills training
  • Retained digital talent search (through partner Kensington Stone)
  • Interim Chief Digital Officer services
  • Org design, process improvement & change management
  • Digital culture education & training
  • Governance, security and privacy planning

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