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Precog's Digital Maturity Audit©


Our leading evaluation and planning tool acting as a key first step to your company’s digital transformation.

Find Your Digital Grade

Everybody has a Digital Starting Point, What’s Yours?

We want to demystify you. In truth, digital transformation is not some initiative with a distinct starting and ending point. Don’t envision a big kickoff event or corporate project closeout wrap party, because there is no initial line in the sand and no finish line. Really, if we had our druthers, we would call this whole arena of study Digital Maturity and treat transformation on a sliding scale (unfortunately that term is 100X less popular than digital transformation according to Google).  Much like students, everybody enters their initial grade with a different level of acumen and presumably improves at different rates too. We think it’s important for high performance and aspiring organizations to chart transformation progress and take snapshots along the way.

Get Your Grade. We have seen the best digital maturity tools out there and humbly, we think ours is best. We’ve listed our top 8 reasons below. Most importantly, we have tailored our Digital Maturity Audit © tool for different client needs and flexibilities, different industries and marketplaces. We have three levels of comprehensiveness, depending on your budget, need and time. We also have the option to dive deeply and analyze one of our key 10 areas of digital transformation (listed below). Conveniently, we can use our audit tool as a first step in providing focus to your future Digital Transformation Roadmap.

In our Precog’s Digital Maturity Audit © , we evaluate 10 different transformation areas (adjusted by two situational factors) to come up with a score out of 100 and a classification into one of our 9 maturity levels :


  •  LEADERSHIP & GOVERNANCE – what level of transformation stewardship and support is coming from the upper most levels of your company and practices in place?
  • VISION, PURPOSE & STRATEGY – how prominent, integral and aligned is digital and technology in your core mission, objectives, goals and chosen strategic directions?


  •  PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PROCESSES DIGITIZATION – how much, how quickly and how easily is your organization converting from inefficient bricks, mortar, paper and boxes to real-time clicks, swipes, data and augmented products & services?
  •  TECHNOLOGICAL CAPABILITIES, SELLING & INTEGRATION – how extensive and how well do your workflows, supply chains, sales efforts and workplaces integrate and talk to each other virtually?


  • TALENT, SKILLSETS, STRUCTURE & DIGITAL LITERACY – how experienced, skilled, structured, trained and empowered is your talent pool to drive digital progress?
  •  CULTURE, KPIS & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – how much do your values, rituals, incentives & motivations, risk management, measures and metrics serve to promote digital advancement?


  • CUSTOMER INSIGHTS, EXPERIENCE & TOUCHPOINTS – how central is customer centricity to your decision making, delivery of an optimal customer journey and how available and effectively do you operate at each intersection with your desired customer?
  • MARKETING, CONTENT, COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION – how effective are you in digitally activating, converting, driving customer value, affinity, word of mouth and co-involvement with your customers, users, prospects and ambassadors?


  • NEW BUSINESS MODELS & EMERGING TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION – how deep and broad are your digital and technology-driven new offerings in expanding your markets, customer segments, alliances, services and disruptive areas of doing business?
  • MARKETPLACE FORESIGHT & EXPERIMENTATION – how effective are you in detecting digitally-driven opportunities, threats, future possibilities, smart bets and incubating & commercializing new technology-driven innovation?


  • INDUSTRY EXPECTATION FACTOR – how broad, deep and effective are the competitive digital offerings and expectations of your industry segment and how pressing are digital entrants from outside your current industry?
  • MARKETPLACE FACTOR – what level of current and future expectations do customers, sales channels, users, consumers, talent and other stakeholders have for your digital progress?

Precog Digital Maturity Audit

Why Precog’s Digital Maturity Audit Tool is So Effective:

Customized Triple Audit Option

Our aim is to simplify your world, so we have provided three maturity audit options, depending on your need, time and budget:

  • The Quick Checkup – general audit with few company interviews and only core 20 criteria
  • The Maturity Pulsecheck – a mix of organization and competitor evaluation and limited interviews across 50 criteria
  • The Exhaustive Review – a thorough review internally and externally across 150 transformation individual criteria
Prescriptive Planning

Our independent audit can act as a first step in digital transformation road mapping, providing an accurate level of prescriptive quick win next steps, transformation solutions and future smart bets.

Holistic Evaluation

So few competing tools attempt to dig deep and try to evaluate across all key 10 levers of digital transformation. We do because we think they are all important and they all interrelated & connected. Why stare through a peephole when you can get the panoramic view?

Market-based Factors

Based on our wealth of experience and validating research, we have determined and weighted the most important factors for getting digital business and transformation right. Smart inputs lead to intelligent outputs.

Adjusted by Industry & Marketplace

It’s unfair to compare the digital maturity being made by a fast moving technology company, a government ministry and a commodity resources firm. We have adjusted our grades to line up with the current and future expectations of specific marketplaces & industries.

Nine Classes of Maturity

Too many digital auditing tools have this enormous fuzzy middle where companies are neither bad nor good and gradings are wishy washy. Well the market environments you likely deal in aren’t that friendly. Our job is to not hand out good try merit badges but to accurately tell you where you sit across the range of 9 maturity levels and what precisely needs to change to get to the next levels.

Expert Grading

We know the level of digital attributes that are found in top performing digital organizations vs. ones that are lagging. Through some objective evaluation and experienced subjectivity, we are trained and benchmarked in accurately grading for in-market success.

Deep Dive Specifics

Perhaps you only have an interest in how well only one area of your organization is performing digitally. We can index that too. If you are a CHRO, you may just want to know about talent transformation progress. A CMO may just want to see how their customer facing side is faring. Our auditing tool can deliver on your bespoke needs and immerse ourselves in that area only.