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The 2016 Digital Transformation Periscope


Our essential market snapshot at your most burning digital and business transformation questions.

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Our Transformational Pulsecheck

We want your insight. It’s not good enough to set your wisdom on hold in the age of digital transformation. Things are changing so quickly – 12 months of stasis can render you “well behind the curve”. That’s why we are asking some of our enlightened global colleagues to provide us the benefit of their market-tested wisdom and right now experience in our 2016 Digital Transformation Periscope (DTP).  Our interest spans across all key functional divides – a disappointment in other surveys is they tend to deliver results only against once group (e.g. only CEOs, only CIOs, only CMOs) and therefore skewed answers; we want all the digital transformation stakeholders.

Relevant, Interesting and Provocative. We have tumbled together our top 25+ questions that we’ve been craving to get the current pulse on. They tackle the people, strategy, process and technology aspects of business change and culture, marketplace shifts, technology adoption and digital transformation. Some will intrigue you, some will challenge you, some might even educate you. And the best questions demand the best answerers – that would be you.

In our survey, you will find our queries on :

  • Digital Transformations – who is transforming and who is resisting? how effective are these initiatives?  what are the objectives they hope to achieve? and how do organizations view these efforts?
  • Opinions – what are the biggest success drivers to transformative digital success? what are the biggest impasses? and what are becoming the most relied upon technology platforms?
  • Leadership – who gets to lead these efforts? what is the calibre of functional relationships in transforming organization? and where should these champions be investing their time?
  • Opinions – what is the expert perspective on a number of the most hotly debated questions in the digital and business universe?
  • Expectations – what’s the key criteria for working with external partners and vendors?
  • Investments – where will funders be placing their near term investments and future bets?
  • Marketplace Trends – what are the macro forces driving your business transformations forward?
  • Predictions – shine that crystal ball – what is the consensus on the pace and accuracy of cultural and marketplace technology shifts happening over the next 2-25 years?

Precog just doesn’t take …we give too. Each Fall, we expect our DTP answers back on this survey in time for planning season. We promise to share full toplines with all survey participants and involve some of you in our follow up thought leadership papers and presentations.  We’ll also be teasing out insights gained via our The Futureproofers enewsletter and video series. We may even involve and collaborate with you on some of our client’s events and learning initiatives. If that isn’t enough, we’re also offering a chance to get the gift of thought leadership with books from 5 of our colleagues. Please also let us know if you’d like us to present the results to your board, executive or business team up close and in person.

Let’s paddle into this future “whitewater” together.

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