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We have scoured our best sources for evidence that the future is getting faster and blurrier. Here is our gallery of trend visualizations devoted to your much quicker futures:


The Pace of Media Shifts

Media Time Digital

The Scale of Connectivity Growth

Connected Devices Growth

The Acceleration of Tech Companies & Startups

Tech Companies Valuation

The Speed and Sophistication Of Technology

Global Internet Speeds

The Rush to Self-Driving Transportation

Autonomous/Self-Driving Automobiles
Drones Flying Up

The Pervasiveness of Connection Everywhere

Mobile Searching
Connected Automobiles

The Streaming Media Revenue Pie

Streaming Music Industry

The Changing Geopolitical Scene

Rising Chinese Middle Class
Exploding Urban Population and Megacities

Hypergrowth of the Sharing & On-Demand Economy

The Sharing Economy - Carsharing
The On-Demand Economy

The Exponential Adoption Curve & Fickleness of Social Media

Global Social Network User Growth
Favourite Social Networks every 4 years

The Rekindled Passion for Space Exploration

Space Objects Around Earth
Space Payload Launch Costs

The Virtualization of Everything

The Robot Market
3D Printing

The Changing Face of Entertainment – TV & Film

The Changing Face of TV
The Changing Face of Film

Business Futures, Sustainability and Threats 

Lifespan of Companies
Retail Business Models

The Demanding Online Consumer 

Online Delivery & Ordering
eCommerce Cart Abandonment